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Tampons offer you guaranteed protection to spend your days in comfort, they are discreet, invisible and thanks to them you can be active even during menstruation.

From the first menstruation to the last, month after month, we need reliable sanitary protection.For centuries, women have relied on pads, but in the 1930s, a new product was introduced to the market that brought about a small revolution in comfort for women: Tampons. For sports, for swimming, for wearing short skirts or tight trousers.Anything, anywhere: tampons gave women the freedom of movement they were used to, even on normal days of the month. A sensation!  In the meantime, tampons have become the most popular, the most discreet and the most reliable hygienic menstrual aid.Along with lipstick, wallet and phone it is the item you are sure to find in a woman's handbag most often. And yet, there are still many questions and inconsistencies around the subject of tampons 


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