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Operating theatres

More safety in the operating room. Safety here means, in particular, the prevention of contamination by the use of appropriate drapes and gowns and the further development of dressing materials. Disinfectants for hands, instruments and surfaces also contribute to ensuring complete asepsis and antisepsis in the operating theatre.

Vivano Med Gel Strip Vivano Med Gel Strip
1.699 kn s DPH -om
Telasling non-therile 4 Telasling non-therile 4
819 kn s DPH -om
Telasling non-therile 6 Telasling non-therile 6
499 kn s DPH -om
Telasling non-therile 3 Telasling non-therile 3
679 kn s DPH -om
Telasling non-therile 5 Telasling non-therile 5
639 kn s DPH -om
Foliodrape Combi Set Foliodrape Combi Set
1.099 kn s DPH -om
Foliodrape urology set II Foliodrape urology set II
1.529 kn s DPH -om
Foliodrape Varix set Protect Foliodrape Varix set Protect
2.819 kn s DPH -om
Foliodrape Vaginal Protect Set Foliodrape Vaginal Protect Set
1.279 kn s DPH -om
VALAFIT Tape 100 pieces VALAFIT Tape 100 pieces
139 kn s DPH -om
Telasling sterile 5 Telasling sterile 5
129 kn s DPH -om
Telasling sterile 6 Telasling sterile 6
109 kn s DPH -om
Telasling non-sterile 2 Telasling non-sterile 2
439 kn s DPH -om
Telaprep non-sterile 3 Telaprep non-sterile 3
839 kn s DPH -om
Telaprep non-sterile 2 Telaprep non-sterile 2
759 kn s DPH -om