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Kinesiology tape - yellow, 5cm x 5m

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Quality kinesiology tape - use it for sports or everyday activities.

Wundmed Kinesiology Tape is based on kinesiology and is made of high quality stretch cotton fabric. The Kinesiology Tape with its unique self-adhesive curling structure improves blood circulation and promotes healing and pain relief.

Kinesiology Tape can be used in a variety of ways and its use can be tailored to your personal needs. They are used to prevent injuries during sports activities, to aid recovery from injuries to muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, and to aid joint mobility during rehabilitation.

Say goodbye to your joint and muscle problems and get back into motion.

Its elasticity and elasticity are almost completely identical to that of skin and muscles, making it a perfect fit. The material is air permeable and actively allows the skin to breathe, plus it is waterproof.

Kinesiology Tape does not interfere with or affect other forms of therapy (e.g. massage or stimulation therapy).


Instructions for use of the Kinesiology Tape:

  • Apply Kinesiology Tape 30 minutes prior to activity.
  • In the area where you will apply the tape, cleanse the skin of dirt and grease (creams or oils).
  • For better adhesion, remove excess hair.
  • At each application, apply the tape with the correct stretch.
  • Do not stretch the ends of the tape.
  • When the tape is attached, press it against the skin and rub it to activate the grip.
  • Pull the tape off the skin. Gently peel it off the skin as you remove it.
  • The edges of the tape can be cut off.


Contents:1 piece. Width: 5 cm, length: 5 m. Yellow colour.


Warning: Avoid use for injuries. For acute injuries or complex conditions, kinesiology tape should be fitted by a doctor or physiotherapist. For single use.