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Disinfection and hygiene

With products from its subsidiary BODE Chemie, HARTMANN offers its customers in the healthcare and industrial sectors a comprehensive range of disinfection and hygiene products. They protect staff, patients and others from infection and contamination.

X-Wipes wall mount X-Wipes wall mount
269 kn s DPH -om
Visirub 10ml Visirub 10ml
65,90 kn s DPH -om
Sterillium honey 5 litres Sterillium honey 5 litres
529 kn s DPH -om
Sterillium 5 l 5 l Sterillium 5 l 5 l
519 kn s DPH -om
Microbac forte 5 litres Microbac forte 5 litres
599 kn s DPH -om
Microbac forte 20ml Microbac forte 20ml
1.169 kn s DPH -om
Manusept basic 5 litres Manusept basic 5 litres
329 kn s DPH -om
Korsolex basic 5 litres Korsolex basic 5 litres
539 kn s DPH -om
Korsolex basic 2 litres Korsolex basic 2 litres
249 kn s DPH -om
Kohrsolin FF 5 litres Kohrsolin FF 5 litres
379 kn s DPH -om
GlowCheck GlowCheck
1.559 kn s DPH -om
Wall holder 500ml Wall holder 500ml
99,90 kn s DPH -om
Dismofix G 5 litres Dismofix G 5 litres
299 kn s DPH -om
Dismofix G 1000ml Dismofix G 1000ml
74,90 kn s DPH -om
Cutasept G 5 litres Cutasept G 5 litres
299 kn s DPH -om
Cutasept F 5 litres Cutasept F 5 litres
279 kn s DPH -om
Bomix plus 2 litres Bomix plus 2 litres
279 kn s DPH -om
Bomix plus 5 litres Bomix plus 5 litres
779 kn s DPH -om
BODE X-Wipes BODE X-Wipes
99,90 kn s DPH -om
Bodedex forte 5 litres Bodedex forte 5 litres
379 kn s DPH -om
Bodedex forte 2 litres Bodedex forte 2 litres
229 kn s DPH -om
Baktolin pure 5 litres Baktolin pure 5 litres
269 kn s DPH -om
Baktolin pure 1000ml Baktolin pure 1000ml
53,90 kn s DPH -om