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Who wouldn't want to stay fit and active into old age? The growing role of preventive healthcare shows that people are aware of this and want to avoid complications and long-term consequences. That is why regular monitoring of body readings is becoming increasingly important.That is why we naturally reach for the thermometer when we are unwell due to a cold, i.e. when we suffer from cold symptoms. When it comes to hypertension, it's different. Hypertension can be perceived as an "asymptomatic" disease because the effects cannot be physically perceived.As a result, it is important to recognize hypertension early, start the right treatment, and check blood pressure regularly. To improve your personal health, our diagnostic products help to conveniently and reliably check important body values.

Thermoval standard Thermoval standard
37,90 kn s DPH -om
Thermoval rapid Thermoval rapid
66,90 kn s DPH -om
Thermoval kids Thermoval kids
62,90 kn s DPH -om
Thermoval kids flex Thermoval kids flex
77,90 kn s DPH -om
STERIM sterilising paper and foil bags 300mm x 450mm STERIM sterilising paper and foil bags 200pcs
77,90 kn - 419 knOd 77,90 kn